« Japan is so much better than other countries »

You’re a lot to think like that, and maybe you’re right, all depends of the arguments that you have. For me,  I would’nt say that Japan it’s « better » than France or any other countries because every country is different with his own culture and habbits.

Every single person have a different point of view about Japan, but you have to be careful and not idealize this country, all about it is not pink and perfect. The point of this article is to make you aware about some realities of what is the life is Japan that maybe you don’t know.


1. Their crime rates is one of the most lawer in the world BUT, in the other way, their suicide rates is one of the most higher. Why ? Well, for severals reasons, like the huge pression that the parents put on their children or a Boss to their employees. Also the bullying in schools (called « Ijime » in japanese). The japanese children can be really cruel and the bullying can be really serious like cigarettes burns, put the student in the water toilet, write horible stuff in their desk, violence verbal or physical who frequently leads to the suicide of the student.


2. Japanese don’t have a lot of holidays, like 10 to 20 days per year, depend of the seniority. You want to work in Japan ? Forget the 35 hours per week, the lots of paid holidays that we have in France. In Japan, they work on average 45 hours per week, according to this, is not surprising to find japanese slepping on their desk, it shows that they working really hard.


3. Go to Japan for holidays it’s radicaly different to go for working because of the look that the japanese have on you. A lot of people don’t know that but the fact is that the japanese are racist, of course they don’t show it to us, they’re not always say what they thinking when they talk to us. However, they really love France and french people, but like in Japan, there a lot of sterotypes about France too. Maybe a japanese will do a similar article of mine to show the reallity of my country.

I can continue to write more and more about it but the article will not end, so if you want to know more or if you have any questions you can’t ask me HERE, if I know the answer I will respond you very quickly.

PS : It’s my first article in english, I think that I made a lot of mistakes so if you see one or if you don’t understand a phrase because I don’t wrote it correctly, please tell me. I’m also interest of what did you think about it or if you want me to translate in english my others articles.


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